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Anderson Lloyd LLP is a team of Independent Financial Advisers. Weve been established in our Truro offices, just off Lemon Street, for 13 years and are just as committed to providing top quality advice now as we were on day one. In that time, weve grown to be one of the largest financial advisory firms in Cornwall. Whether you are just starting out, buying your first home, or thinking about retiring Anderson Lloyd are experts on personal finance planning available to help you plan for the future and make the most of your money. From mortgages to pensions, we are up to speed with the latest offering and solutions to advise you on the current market conditions. We provide whole of market advice and implementation. As an independent financial adviser we are not tied to any one provider. We can search the whole of market to get you the best deal. For many households a mortgageis the largest financial commitment that they will make. There are many costs associated with a mortgage and several different ways in which these costs are presented to you as the consumer. Anderson Lloyd can help you to identify the real price of the available deals, and review the variety of different mortgage options. Having good mortgage advice is essential to ensure that you have the right rate and product to suit your circumstances. There are a range of mortgages available for first time buyers, through to those moving and those just wanting to change their mortgage supplier. Different lenders will have varying criteria that you will need tofulfillto ensure that they are happy to lend to you. This can include theamount of deposit you have at your disposal if purchasing a new home, your income and other financial commitments. Anderson Lloyd have lots of experience of lenders and their criteria and can help you make the right decision. We can also help you wade through the jargon, understanding the implications of Early Repayment Charges and understanding Arrangement Fees.

Location: 10 Strangways Terrace, Truro, TR1 2NY

Qualifications: Charted institute of securities and investments (CISI) – Level 4 qualified.

FCA Registration Number: BXC01566

Regulations: Anderson Lloyd LLP (Company number: CN00074) is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA number: 207597) for investment business and is authorised to advise on and arrange life assurance, mortgages, pensions and investment in authorised unit trusts and Personal equity Plans, Individual Savings Accounts (ISAs) and other regulated schemes and investments.