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Almas Uddin

Semi Commercial Mortgage-revolution Finance Brokers

Are you looking for Semi Commercial Mortgage in the UK? With us getting mortgages for mixed-use properties is very easy. Over 80+ semi-commercial Mortgage Lenders.

Mixed-use properties are regarded by the government as commercial investments, which means landlords can take advantage of their profit and loss account by offsetting any costs incurred and loan interest accrued against it. What’s more, mixed-use properties do not entail a 3% surcharge on stamp duty, which buy-to-let apartments with no commercial aspect do. As mentioned above, a mortgage for a mixed-use property investment can only be obtained through a commercial mortgage lender. They will then calculate the cumulative rental income of both the commercial facet and the buy-to-let residence to arrive at a figure of how much borrowing capital you will be able to access. Because the interest rates for commercial and semi-commercial mortgages are slightly higher than those for standard buy-to-let properties, the amount of money available to you may be significantly different, as well.

What we do...

  • Commercial mortgages

  • First time buyer mortgages

  • House move or re-mortgage

  • buy to let mortgages

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