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Derby continues its proud heritage as a birthplace of the industrial revolution with a thriving manufacturing economy. It’s the home of prestigious automotive leader Rolls-Royce and boasts the world-famous Donington Park motor racing circuit.

Transport links

It’s unsurprising, then, that Derby is a dream for commuters. Being close to the M1, the city has extensive transport links with the rest of the country, including London, Sheffield and Leeds, while Leicester and Birmingham are only half an hour on the train. It’s close to East Midlands Airport, too, taking the stress out of those international flights.

Quality of life

Derby scores highly on uSwitch’s Best Places to Live in the UK Quality of Life Index. In fact, it was previously called the second-best place to live in the country. This reputation is aided by low costs of living and affordable housing combined with higher-than-average income levels — a perfect recipe for a happy life.

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    [display_name] => Matt Harrison
    [lat] => 53.034359
    [long] => -1.427665
    [address] => 100 Street Lane   Derbyshire DE5 8NF GB
    [formatted_address] => 100 Street Ln, Ripley DE5, UK
    [map_icon] => _default.png
    [distance] => 8.0
    [id] => 2163
    [fullname] => Matt Harrison
    [last_activity] => 2020-02-27 18:48:33
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    [user_login] => aidan
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    [display_name] => Aidan Comerford
    [lat] => 52.993034
    [long] => -1.179574
    [address] => Park Lane Business Centre 11 Nottingham England NG6 0DW GB
    [formatted_address] => Park Lane Business Centre, Park Ln, Nottingham NG6 0DW, UK
    [map_icon] => _default.png
    [distance] => 13.2
    [id] => 2018
    [fullname] => Aidan Comerford
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    [user_login] => Andrewwalcot
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    [display_name] => Andrew Walcot
    [lat] => 52.762615
    [long] => -1.730066
    [address] => 1 Oaklands Croft  Barton under Needwood England DE13 8DD GB
    [formatted_address] => Park Rd, Barton-under-Needwood, Burton-on-Trent DE13 8DD, UK
    [map_icon] => _default.png
    [distance] => 15.4
    [id] => 1806
    [fullname] => Andrew Walcot
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    [display_name] => Mohammed
    [lat] => 52.593304
    [long] => -1.046548
    [address] => oadby  Leicester  LE2 4QG 
    [formatted_address] => Willow Herb Cl, Oadby, Leicester LE2 4QG, UK
    [map_icon] => _default.png
    [distance] => 28.9
    [id] => 2431
    [fullname] => Mohammed
    [last_activity] => 2020-03-09 18:24:51
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