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Education and activity combine to make the perfect location for families or young professionals. Sunderland is home to a highly-respected university, a whole range of museums and galleries to explore, as well as a beachfront stacked with traditional seaside entertainment. You’ll never be stuck for something to do.

Something for every season

The Sunderland seafront is the perfect place to be in summer with its golden sands to enjoy ice-cream on and unique cannonball rocks to marvel at. The fun doesn’t stop there, though. When the chillier months come, Sunderland Illuminations brighten up the beach, making winter a real wonderland!

Transport links

Sunderland is an easy city to navigate your way around, thanks to an incredible public transport system. You can choose to travel by Sunderland’s incredible bus system or take the metro, which links to Newcastle city centre and the airport. National Rail services make travel across the country as easy as jumping onto a train from Sunderland station, which can take you to Newcastle in just 20 minutes.

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Sunderland Transport Links
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Our Top 20 Mortgage Advisors in Sunderland

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    [ID] => 2192
    [user_login] => [email protected]
    [user_pass] => $P$B7V5zPwFEJkBGWGIodk7a2y4MOlmYa0
    [user_nicename] => paul-camethemortgageplan-co-uk
    [user_email] => [email protected]
    [user_url] => 
    [user_registered] => 2019-09-13 20:37:53
    [user_activation_key] => 
    [user_status] => 0
    [display_name] => Paul Came
    [lat] => 54.844543
    [long] => -1.519514
    [address] => Woodstone Terrace  Houghton Le Spring Tyne and Wear DH4 6DP 
    [formatted_address] => Woodstone Terrace, Woodstone Village, Houghton le Spring DH4 6DP, UK
    [map_icon] => _default.png
    [distance] => 6.9
    [id] => 2192
    [fullname] => Paul Came
    [last_activity] => 2020-02-28 23:16:32
    [total_friend_count] => 0
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    [ID] => 1649
    [user_login] => hellomortgage
    [user_pass] => $P$BYbbtBHcbx/QqTs.j52wqCvNmcV2MA1
    [user_nicename] => hellomortgage
    [user_email] => [email protected]
    [user_url] => 
    [user_registered] => 2018-05-08 18:31:17
    [user_activation_key] => 1580900307:$P$BUCEq3apHhhLfnvxGiU/M0dGHgADjx1
    [user_status] => 0
    [display_name] => Keith Ahmed
    [lat] => 55.003109
    [long] => -1.437444
    [address] => Cookson House 20 South Shields Tyne & Wear NE33 1TL GB
    [formatted_address] => Cookson House, River Dr, South Shields NE33 1TL, UK
    [map_icon] => _default.png
    [distance] => 7.0
    [id] => 1649
    [fullname] => Keith Ahmed
    [last_activity] => 2020-06-22 07:40:49
    [total_friend_count] => 0
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    [ID] => 2541
    [user_login] => IanMiddlemass
    [user_pass] => $P$BdoZ4R7ypKUnL08gBLdAkbsyb46JzL1
    [user_nicename] => ianmiddlemass
    [user_email] => [email protected]
    [user_url] => 
    [user_registered] => 2020-08-18 16:30:08
    [user_activation_key] => 
    [user_status] => 0
    [display_name] => Ian Middlemass
    [lat] => 54.859261
    [long] => -1.575047
    [address] => 15 North Burns Chester-le-Street England DH3 3TF GB
    [formatted_address] => 15 N Burns, Chester-le-Street DH3 3TF, UK
    [map_icon] => _default.png
    [distance] => 8.3
    [id] => 2541
    [fullname] => Ian Middlemass
    [last_activity] => 2020-08-21 18:41:52
    [total_friend_count] => 0
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    [ID] => 2306
    [user_login] => JURWIN19
    [user_pass] => $P$BefseoPs28e9QPNur6P2mJMhBenDwu/
    [user_nicename] => jurwin19
    [user_email] => [email protected]
    [user_url] => 
    [user_registered] => 2019-11-14 17:19:40
    [user_activation_key] => 
    [user_status] => 0
    [display_name] => Jonathon Urwin
    [lat] => 54.935341
    [long] => -1.640582
    [address] => Alwinton Gardens, Gateshead NE11 0AP
    [formatted_address] => Alwinton Gardens, Gateshead NE11 0AP
    [map_icon] => _default.png
    [distance] => 10.4
    [id] => 2306
    [fullname] => Jonathon Urwin
    [last_activity] => 2020-06-23 18:58:24
    [total_friend_count] => 0

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