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Sitting on the River Calder and the edge of the Pennine mountains, Wakefield is home to approximately 325,800 people (as of 2011). A growing city in Yorkshire, there are numerous reasons why people choose to settle down here.

Known as the “Merrie City” in the Middle Ages, Wakefield is renowned for its culture and rich history. There’s certainly plenty to do, as Wakefield is situated at the heart of the Yorkshire Sculpture triangle, is home to a thriving shopping district and also boasts plenty of delectable restaurants and eateries for you to sample.

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Our Top 20 Mortgage Advisors in Wakefield

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    [ID] => 2100
    [user_login] => JosuhaColley
    [user_pass] => $P$BgI1fy/UwoeeS92/bO44T9vW7uMrCW1
    [user_nicename] => josuhacolley
    [user_email] => [email protected]
    [user_url] => 
    [user_registered] => 2019-06-20 08:03:53
    [user_activation_key] => 
    [user_status] => 0
    [display_name] => Joshua Colley
    [lat] => 53.653103
    [long] => -1.541019
    [address] => Charles Street The Junction Horbury England WF4 5FH GB
    [formatted_address] => Charles St, Horbury, Wakefield WF4 5FH, UK
    [map_icon] => _default.png
    [distance] => 2.7
    [id] => 2100
    [fullname] => Joshua Colley
    [last_activity] => 2020-03-02 14:00:58
    [total_friend_count] => 0
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    [ID] => 2539
    [user_login] => CraigDobson
    [user_pass] => $P$Beb8slXwbYD10ouYWSFKR5qCBhLzHt.
    [user_nicename] => craigdobson
    [user_email] => [email protected]
    [user_url] => 
    [user_registered] => 2020-08-18 15:17:53
    [user_activation_key] => 
    [user_status] => 0
    [display_name] => Craig Dobson
    [lat] => 53.718472
    [long] => -1.351110
    [address] => Castleford WF10
    [formatted_address] => Castleford WF10
    [map_icon] => _default.png
    [distance] => 6.5
    [id] => 2539
    [fullname] => Craig Dobson
    [last_activity] => 2020-08-22 10:22:15
    [total_friend_count] => 0
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    [ID] => 2136
    [user_login] => exclusivelymortgages
    [user_pass] => $P$Bh1K.HmGuIjWh94D.D0CvxQqaDN4En/
    [user_nicename] => exclusivelymortgages
    [user_email] => [email protected]
    [user_url] => 
    [user_registered] => 2019-07-25 21:00:47
    [user_activation_key] => 1583970136:$P$BGkEDznpI6m/.cakaXoAruvYwCkt1o/
    [user_status] => 0
    [display_name] => Exclusively Mortgages
    [lat] => 53.797447
    [long] => -1.549058
    [address] => 2 Infirmary Street  Leeds West Yorkshire LS1 2JP GB
    [formatted_address] => Yorkshire Bank Chambers, 2 Infirmary St, Leeds LS1 2JP, UK
    [map_icon] => _default.png
    [distance] => 8.2
    [id] => 2136
    [fullname] => Exclusively Mortgages
    [last_activity] => 2020-03-11 23:49:22
    [total_friend_count] => 0

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