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Cheap Family Days Out For The Easter Holidays

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Cheap Family Days Out For The Easter Holidays

Life is expensive, there's no doubt about it, and when you're saving for a big buy, like a property upgrade, you can save surprising amounts of cash by simply reigning in your spending. However, over the Easter holidays when the kids are off school and making demands on both your time and money – it can be all too easy to give in to pester power and start spending more than you'd planned.

Instead of investing in yet another game for the DS or forking out for a day at an expensive theme park, consider these money-saving tips and tricks to save a fortune over the Easter break, while ensuring your kids are still suitably entertained.

1. Check out cinema deals

Watching a film can cost a fortune these days, with tickets in the region of £7 - £15 per adult and £5-£10 per child – depending on where you live (in London costs are particularly high). Save a bundle on the cost of cinema tickets by checking whether your local establishment offers “Movies for Juniors” or a similar

Movies for Juniors is an offer for kids from the Cineworld chain of cinemas, though others offer similar. As part of the deal, kids and adults can view a range of movies at specified viewings for just £1.75 a go. They aren't the most recent releases but you and your brood can still benefit from a morning or afternoon at the cinema without having to remortgage the house to do so.

2. Picnic in the park

Kids (and adults) of all ages love picnics. While the sun is shining over much of Britain, make the most of it and get your ham butties packed, your picnic blanket unearthed and make your way to the nearest green space. Check out your local council's website to find inspiration for new places to visit. Plenty of parks have free play areas for the kids to explore, but some even boasts zip wires, petting zoos and more exciting opportunities – in addition to wide open spaces to kick a football or throw a frisbee. Hours of fun- and very little impact on  your wallet.

3. Visit the local museum

Many UK museums are free! With areas dedicated solely to kids, they are not exactly a boring day out. Your little ones might even imbue a little extra understanding of the way the world works so trips like these are great for educational purposes too. Plus, many museums will have extra activities like shows and craft-making planned for families for the Easter hols.

You can find a full list of some of the top free UK museums and galleries for families as published by The Guardian here.

4. Planes, trains and automobiles

This is one for kids that love transport. As parents, we tend to view public transport as a necessity. To a child, especially a child usually ferried about by car, trains and buses are a source of wonder. You can have a great day out simply by purchasing a day-rider ticket and asking your child to pick the location. Then simply sit back an enjoy the journey. You might choose to get off and explore the area, or you may simply be happy to look out the windows and enjoy the ride. It may sound simple, but by giving your child the power to make the decision of your destination, it becomes an adventure through unknown territory.

Kids who like aeroplanes may enjoy a trip to a plane viewing point near the local airport. Some viewing points charge just for car parking, others are located in the gardens of public houses. Manchester's The Airport pub is located just 50 feet from the runway, giving an unforgettable close-up of the planes. There are also swings, slides and other amusements for the kids when they get fed up with planes. There's no charge for the seat – just buy a round of drinks.

You don't have to spend a fortune to keep the kids entertained this Easter. Just use a little imagination to think up activities that don't cost the earth.

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