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For businesses looking to invest in their growth, or investors interested in the attractive yields in the commercial space, business mortgages are a common way of securing the funds needed to secure key property assets.

Business mortgages, often referred to as commercial mortgages, are loans secured on a property that is used for commercial purposes, such as an office, a retail shop or an industrial unit. These are typically sought by businesses looking to purchase their own premises, or by investors planning to lease the space to other businesses. Unlike residential mortgages, commercial mortgages are often bespoke products, with rates and terms tailored to the specific circumstances of the business.

Due to the wide range of products, rates and terms within this market, we strongly recommend working with a specialist commercial Mortgage Broker to help you navigate the options. Below you'll find Mortgage Advisors with strong experience in the commercial mortgage market.

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Specialist Commercial and Business Mortgage Advisors


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